How To Open Command Prompt In Windows 11

how to open command prompt windows 11

Command Prompt is a wonderful non-graphical shell tool for doing a variety of tasks in Windows 11.   Command Prompt allows someone to issue text based commands (remember, non graphical) to the operating system.   A few tasks that can …

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Move Start Menu To The Left In Windows 11

move start menu to left windows 11 alignment

  The Start Menu has been a renowned feature of the Windows operating system since its inception during the Windows 95 era.   Microsoft decided to integrate a middle default alignment of the Start Menu in Windows 11.   This …

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How To Open Control Panel In Windows 11


  Control Panel is a friendly administrative control interface for adjusting a variety of settings in your Windows 11 operating system.   These settings range from System and Security, User Accounts, Network and Internet, Hardware and Sound, Programs, Appearance and …

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NoSQL vs Relational Databases

NoSQL vs SQL Featured Image 2

  Relational databases provide a storage of related data tables.   The data in these tables are stored in rows that are linked in a variety of ways.   The SQL database schema in a relational database is responsible for …

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How To Open Task Manager In Windows 11

open task manager in windows 11

  Task Manager is a convenient utility for viewing and managing processes, managing startup applications, and identifying performance levels through metrics such as CPU, Memory, Disk, and Wi-Fi.   If a Windows 11 application freezes while in use, a common …

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